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Shari Lynn and I met Jen and Joe Pagani in 2008 a year after her breast cancer diagnosis.  Her family and friends were a force raising funds for the breast cancer community.  We lost her 10 years ago, February 2, 2014 but her light and legacy shine as bright as ever.  Hundreds of families facing a breast cancer diagnosis have been helped as a result of this foundation, GoJenGo.  It's odd to say, but Joe and Jen, like Shari Lynn and I were fortunate when we received a breast cancer diagnosis.  We had (and have) an amazing support system and the financial resources to weather and endure the expenses associated with navigating surgery, treatment, and recovery from the disease.  GoJenGo provides critical funds and support to those families that may be living on the margin and now find themselves stressed with a healthcare crisis.  GoJenGo can help to remove that stress so that the patient and family can focus on the treatment and healing.  GoJenGo shines light and love, helping these families.  THAT is something worth sharing and supporting!  Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity.

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Mar 11 In Honor of Meredith Donnelly $100.00
Mar 06 If Not Endowment $100.00
Mar 04 Bill & Dot Morgan Legacy Fund $1,000.00
Mar 01 Ginger Dickerson and Kim Bohannon $500.00
Mar 01 Caroline Scott Ellington $1,000.00
Feb 29 T-Rob $107.35
Feb 29 Ed Stubbs Women’s Healthcare Fund $2,500.00
Feb 26 Anonymous $107.35
Feb 25 Mike Smiley $267.10
Feb 23 Alisa White I'm proud to support such an incredible organization. Keep up the great work! $107.35